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New Species along with Subspecies

The wiki board has been thinking about adding more species that are not already into speculation. Such as Erons from the dwarf planet Eris outside of Pluto. Along with Oortians and Kuipers from the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt (where comets come from). 

We (I) have also been thinking about adding subspecies between species, so it is more diverse for the equation of life throughout the system. Between just a Meteor Species we have...

•Meteoritians - (Those who choose to be living of ground)

•Meteor Vallians - (Those who choose of atmoshperic living)

•Meteoroids - (Those who choose the limitless areas of living, in space)


Also a subspecies of the extraterrestrial planets (gas giants & pluto) will have a couple of subspecies known as...

•Ringans - (Those who have dark skinned dragon like features that have the ability to controls rocks into the shapes of disk and ring)

•Charons - (Less dragonlike featured of the plutonians their ancestors, but have more advanced technology)


And a couple of new random species containing the system...

•Oortians or Oortianese - (Those ancestors of cometians that cause flame and gas 12x less than the sun)

•Kuipers - (Ancient ancestors of Cometians and contain the dust part of the comets)

•Asteritian - (Living of the asteroids, with dragonlike features with craters and usually brown skinned)

Species and subspecies?

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I think this is a good idea. I think we should put categories on the pages so we can keep track of everything. I can take care of the categories.

Okay thank you. :)

I made the Venetian and Plutonium categories for now, but I'll add more as more pages are made.

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